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  • My son has been with the National Martial Arts Academy since he was 5 years old. He recently turned 10. He is also in the Cub Scouts. He is the smallest size kid at school, among his peers at the Academy, Scouting, and virtually every where else. To stereotype, he is the scrawny little kid with glasses.

    This Summer, he went to camp as part of the Cub Scouts’ Arrow of Light curriculum. My son demonstrated the greatest endurance during hikes with what I observed as the heaviest backpack in the three Patrols doing activities together (because his mom packed it for him). He also beat everyone in Indian Staff Wrestling, which is a strength contest. My son beat boys an entire foot taller than him, who had much larger bone structure than him.

    Training at NMAA is the only regular physical development my son receives. I am ever grateful to NMAA and Sifu Silva for the training and development my son received over the last few years.

    Arthur S. Ishkhans

    Attorney at Law

    Arthur I.
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    After being told by my physician that I might require surgery, I set out instead to find a way to strengthen the affected area through exercise.  I found the National Martial Arts Academy in Aurora and attended a free trial cardio-kickboxing class.  I really enjoyed the class and decided to sign up.  By the third class, I found that I was not experiencing symptoms anymore and felt stronger as I attended each class.  I am happy to report that I do not need surgery.  The other students in the class are personable and fun to be with.  I am so impressed by Master Silva and his teaching staff.  Since I am a senior, Master Silva was very attentive to my needs and careful to make sure I did not overdo or cause myself injury.  He and his staff are excellent instructors and all are men and women of integrity.  I highly recommend the academy.

    Linda B.
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    My WOWs are done for today. It's hard to believe its almost over. This fitness challenge was the best one yet! The online setup was great, the comradery kept us all going strong & the push in class was tough but manageable. This was just what I needed. Some days were easier than others. But like we have all talked about before, some nights the hardest part is making the decision to go to class. Then once you're there, you're glad you did it! I say, bring on the next fitness challenge Shifu!

    Stephanie K.
  • kickboxing aurora

    This is a great place with awesome instructors! My kids are enjoying the challenge and we enjoy the discipline and sense of family that we have gained!

    Dina Z.
  • It has been a great challenge and everyone has done a fantastic job and you can really see the growth in everyone. Congrats on making it through the last 6 weeks!!!

    Katy G.
  • I have really enjoyed the challenge! It has really made me think about the choices I make. I even surprised myself as to what this old body is capable of doing. I like the challenge because it kept me focus and i had someone to answer to. Everyone did an amazing job! I am able to see a change In everyone! Everyone has been so supportive! I can't believe I'm going to say this but I LOVE CARDIO CLASS!!

    Cyndi L.
  • Master Silva and the staff at the NMAA have been wonderful to my son, since he started at the NMAA. My son was attacked by a group of teens while waiting for some friends at a local park.  He lost more than just a cell phone, bicycle, and 2.5 months school that day. He lost his confidence and his self-esteem that day.

    Master Silva saw the post we had on our community board and invited us to see his academy.  We liked what we saw and signed up.

    Master Silva and his staff have watched over our son during the class for any unexpected behaviors during classes. Our son has regained his confidence and self-esteem and has grown, thanks to Master Silva and his staff at the NMAA.

    Thank you NMAA for helping out in a time of need.

    Jeff S.
  • National Martial Arts Academy (NMAA) has been our 2nd home since 2009. My family really enjoys the curriculum and the variety of programs offered. We participate in Kung Fu, Wushu, Sanda, and cardio kickboxing. I really enjoy the self-defense aspect. Most of my family have earned Black Belts with the National Martial Arts Academy and we are continuing our training to the next level. Master Silva and the instructors provide high level training and they are in tune with their students and specific needs. Master Silva and the instructors made an effort to customize my training when I was not able to do the planned curriculum so that I could still continue my training, which I greatly appreciate. The instructors are great with the kids and I know and see that the kids really have a good time with the instructors as well. We really enjoy our training at NMAA and our longevity with them is a testament to that.

    Frances L.

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