NMAA Annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser.
Starts: August 13, 2018
Every year the academy has a fundraiser to help cover the costs of items we don't charge during the year. The academy doesn't charge for belt testing fee's which include belts given at each graduation. These cost add up and instead of charging family members $65.00 per test and belt, the academy waives the fee and holds the fundraiser each year to cover the costs.
The funds will cover the following;
-Belt testing fee's for color belts including belt,
-Rotation certification for current Black Belt students (this is a new process)
-School maintenance fee's.
All current students are required to participate each year. However, if a family or student doesn't want to sell a family can pay $65.00 to opt out of selling.
As this fundraiser benefits everyone at the academy, we ask that everyone participate.