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Kids Martial Arts  near  Aurora - National Martial Arts Academy

Hello NMAA Family & Friends.
I hope everyone had a great week. Here's what's going on at the academy this month. As the summer slowly comes to an end and everyone gets ready for back to school we will begin to prepare all our students for this transition. This months message is Balance and how to prepare and be successful for the upcoming school year.
August 7th- Tumbling Class 5:00pm. All Black Belt Club members are able to take the tumbling class.
August 11th-Leadership Team & Instructor Training. All leadership students will get a chance to train with our instructors side by side. We will go through the following; Kung Fu workout with full body training, leadership module 2 and more....
August 13th- NMAA Annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser- All active NMAA students from white belt to black belt are involved.
August 17th- Friday night fights 5:00pm-8:00pm. All classes are cancelled for this session. All Black Belt Club members are invited.
August 18th- Black Belt Candidate Meeting August 18th 12:30pm (Mandatory). This session is for all 2nd Degree Brown Belts and their families. We will discuss the upcoming fall/winter Black Belt Test and what is involved in the process. Please don't miss this session.
August 24th- Friday night forms 5:00pm-8:00pm. All classes are cancelled for this session. There is a separation for Kung Fu and Wushu forms.

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