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Faris Maaliki in Aurora - National Martial Arts Academy

Faris Maaliki

Assistant Instructor

Mr. Faris Maaliki has been training in martial arts for over nine years. He began his training in Denver Colorado under Sifu Eric Bernsdorf at Wah Lum Kung Fu where he specialized in; Iron Body and Lion Dance. In 2007 he began training in contemporary wushu under Shifu Jerry Silva at the National Martial Arts Academy in Aurora where he specializes in the following; Praying Mantis Fist (Tonlong quan), Long Fist (Chang Quan) and Broadsword (Dao Shu).

Mr. Maaliki has participated in several Local and national martial arts competitions where he has won many first place gold medals and grand champion titles. He continues to compete in open tournaments and hopes one day of becoming a major movie fight choreographer.

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